Training ISO

Understanding of The ISO Standard

Konsultan ISO Training gives exercise to measure understanding of the ISO standard.

The purpose of this exercise is to identify ISO 9001:2015 clause that relates to the following conditions :

  1. Quality Objective has not been measured
  2. Obsolete revision of Procedure found in working area
  3. Inspector maintain QC Report effectively
  4. Risk mitigation has not been evaluated at specified time as stated in Risk Management Procedure
  5. Stakeholder analysis has been conducted and documented well
  6. Internal Audit is scheduled two times in a year
  7. Non-conformance found during internal audit has not been closed
  8. Management Review meeting is conducted to discuss management system effectiveness
  9. Customer Satisfaction Survey has not been analysed to determine corrective action needed to improve services
  10. Training Program has been conducted according to the planned arrangement.

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Konsultan ISO

Pelatihan Sasaran Mutu Berbasis Risiko

Jasa Konsultan ISO

Jasa Konsultan ISO memberikan Pelatihan Sasaran Mutu Berbasis Risiko.

Dalam menerapkan Sistem Manajemen Mutu ISO 9001:2015 perusahaan wajib menetapkan sasaran mutu yang harus dimonitor pencapaiannya secara periodik.

Sasaran Mutu

Sudahkah sasaran mutu yang ditetapkan manajemen berbasis manajemen risiko yang juga merupakan persyaratan Sistem Manajemen Mutu ISO 9001:2015?

Konsultan ISO Jaminan Lulus dengan Pengalaman 18 Tahun